We do post-harvest treatment of agricultural crops specializing in poppies. 
We carry out the analysis, cleaning, packing and storage of poppies.


  • is executed “directly from the field”, with the possibility of separation from the heads and stalks, with max. moisture of 15%,
    unless otherwise agreed;
  • or from the supplier’s warehouses


  • possibility of drying if the moisture of delivered poppy is over 8%


  • basic analysis (humidity, temperature, purity, observable properties) and weighing are performed
    and the information immediately passed on to the customer;
  • determination of purity, as well as cadmium, morphine and chemical preparation, is carried out externally


  • is carried out on two small KUT 800/1800 seed cleaners, sorted into 5 fractions 
    according to the size and specific weight and on two KPS 2300 pneumatic sorting tables,
    sorting into 6 fractions according to specific weight;
  • the cleaner is equipped with two permanent magnets for removal of magnetic metals


  • big bags (BB) up to 1000 kg;
  • 25 kg paper bags, 50 kg polypropylene bags


  • stored in BBs;
  • possibility of using external storage
    in a building designed for storage of foods
    at the desired temperatures;
  • loading and shipment are secured